On the trip to Washington – With Mrs. White
We got on the bus – And we drove all night
The point of the trip was to hear the singers sing
And while we were there why not see everything!
Mark and Clift we used as our guide
Saw the Arlington Cemetery – thru tears we couldn’t hide
So many places where all the kids went
One of them was the Washington monument!
Then of course the Smithsonian and Hard Rock Café
Union Station, the Capital, oh what can we say!
We saw the Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson too
Tried to go in the White House – but left feeling blue
Singing at the National Cathedral was great
But we’re tired of all the burgers we ate!
Did I mention the singing at the Kennedy Center?
Why, after this trip we’ll all feel like a winner!
And when it’s all over we’ll give one last wave
To the guys who drove us ’round – well that’s George and Dave
Guess I’m sorry it’s over and the trip had to end
I’ll be singing the blues on the bus home from Washington!
– by Joni Lanham